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Discover the top 10 luxury watches for men at Nepto, the premier French watchmaking and design company in France.

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Top 10 Luxury Watches for Men Under 500 Euros | Nepto French Watches

Imagine a watch on your wrist where you look to see the time but end up staring at its luxurious texture and smooth design for hours. This imagination can come true with Nepto. Do you know what makes a watch more appealing? It is about the material, shape, colour, quality of the strap, etc.

You can fulfil all these aspirations regarding a watch from Nepto, where we provide the best material and top-notch collections of watches of world-class quality. In the world of watches, we are always up to fashion and serve perfection.

Get your hands on the premium collection of watches at reasonable prices and make your overall outfit more classy and trendy. Here, you will learn more about the Top 10 luxury watches for men and their extraordinary features.

Top 10 Luxury Watches for Men At Nepto

Your search for luxury watches ends here. You can now find your favourite watch from the list below of the top 10 luxury watches for men under 500 euros, which matches your taste in fashion and trends.

1. Black Reverso – Black Oyster Metal

Black Oyster Metal, a timepiece that epitomizes modern sophistication and practicality. The Shield Black Reverso model boasts a case with a captivating shield shape, drawing inspiration from the iconic coat of arms of Paris.

This Nepto Shield edition showcases a minimalist dial design, ensuring effortless readability. The dial, finished in sleek black with a semi-matte texture, features Arabic numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12, accompanied by geometric indexes adorned with Superluminova coating for enhanced visibility in any lighting condition.

NEPTO introduces the Reverso with a convenient quick-release black oyster strap, a timeless classic in watchmaking. Crafted from premium materials and branded with the NEPTO insignia, this sturdy bracelet promises a snug fit on your wrist.


  • Case Diameter: 40mm
  • Case Thickness: 7mm
  • Case Shape: Hexagonal
  • Case Material: 316L steel with black PVD coating
  • Dial Finish: Semi-Matte
  • Dial Color: Black
  • Glass Type: Flat Mineral glass K1 (hardened)
  • Winding Button: 1 winding button
  • Movement: Quartz Miyota 1L22
  • Display Features: Hands with SuperLuminova treatment, Arabic numerals
  • Water Resistance: 5 ATM
  • Style: Urban, Design, Sport
  • Guarantee: 2 years

2. Green Spectra – Brown Leo Leather

This watch is symbolized by an original dark green hue and black tint of the contours. The dial is enhanced by a finish that catches light rays and makes the green of the dial vary in a multitude of different shades depending on the ambient light or the angle of the wrist. Thin chevrons outline the dial, and its black contour marks the distinctive shape of the case. The hands of the watch are dressed in a khaki green strap that blends perfectly with the back of the dial.

3. Green Spectra – Ecru Patagonia Leather

This green spectra watch is paired with an ecru suede watch strap and a piece ‘Made in Italy’ with a quick release—a truly perfect combination with this green watch. A best-seller, chic and elegant kind of watch is waiting for you at Nepto with its exceptional features such as the 40 mm diameter of the case, 7 mm thickness, hexagonal shape, the sunny green colour of the dial, and hands with superluminova treatment, Arabic numerals. In addition, this watch is available for under 500 euros.

4. White Reverso – Orange Leo leather

Heading towards our shield collection, this white Reverso watch is one of the most purchased and recommended watches. The hexagonal dial of this watch has a white background with a semi-matt finish. For better reliability of time, it adds sparkle to this timepiece. In the centre of the dial are two black hands, which are coated with an orange superluminova treatment to facilitate reading the time in poorly lit environments. If we talk about the strap is made of leather with an orange colour added to it. This is one of the timeless pieces in the top 10 luxury watches for men under 500 euros.

5. Shield Black Reverso – Black Trafforato Leather

This Shield Black Reverso is the ultimate definition of modernity and fashion for all black lovers. The old Raketa model especially inspired this watch. With a diameter of 40 mm, it features a refined black dial and two central sword hands. 

The watch’s superluminova treatment allows you to see in bright and dark environments. The hours and minutes nonchalantly cross the dial to serve you. This black reverse is combined with a black Italian leather Traforato strap. This is the super fresh model added to the list of the top 10 luxury watches for men under 500 euros.

6. Blue Ocean – Brown Croc Leather

This blue ocean watch is another masterpiece in this row of top 10 luxury watches for men. This can outperform any other watch with its chic style, colour, and dial clarity. This watch adopts a sublime blue colour with many light rays starting from the centre. 

You will definitely be captivated by its appearance, as the dial has a hypnotic effect. Subsequently, it is further enhanced by a sunny finish that transmits a play of light on the blue background with the surrounding brightness. The two small Arabic numeral indexes at 4 and 8 o’clock embellish the whole look.

7. Black Eleganza – Black Metal

Embrace the beauty of the colour red with this Black Eleganza watch from Nepto. The finishing touch gives a matte and 3D impression and offers a very deep dial. Two central dauphin hands will win your heart with grace, charm, and superluminova treatment. 

Chevrons mark the corners of the dial and give a sleek, modern, and masculine touch to the whole. It is paired with a black mesh metal strap, giving the watch an overall killing look. Grab yours now!

8. White Reverso – Brown Cutout Leather

Here, we present another piece of elegance from our shield collection at Nepto, White Reverso. The hexagonal dial has a white background with a semi-matt finish, which adds sparkle to the timepiece for better understanding and readability of the time and numbers. 

Two hands coated with orange superluminova treatment in the dial’s centre facilitate reading numbers in poorly lit environments. The watch is combined with a unique brown strap that matches its shape and beauty.

9. White Reverso – Brown Pattern Leather 

Every watch at Nepto bears some authenticity and uniqueness, just like this lovely white reverso watch for men. Featured among the top 10 luxury watches for men, this watch has a semi-matt finish with a white background and hexagonal shape. 

Like in every watch, this also has the superluminova treatment without compromising on the readability of numbers. To serve perfection and boldness, Nepto has paired this premium white Reverso watch with a brown pattern leather strap to make the charm and character of this watch robust.

10. White Reverso – Red Rubber

This ‘one of its kind’ watch has a pearly white colour on its dial and a hexagonal case shape. This is another set from the Old Raketa model at Nepto. This has a diameter of 40 mm and thickness of 7 mm to ensure the durability of strength. 

It is combined with a soft red rubber watch band. With our quick-release spring bar strap, you can change or replace them in seconds. What else do you want in a watch? This is counted as one of the top 10 luxury watches for men under 500 euros.

The Bottom Line!

Don’t limit your watch to just tracking your time. Go a step forward and turn it into a style statement. It is time to flex your favourite watch from our outstanding and top-rated collections of top 10 luxury watches for men, which have international value and recognition. You can also add this value to your lifestyle by booking your orders with us at Nepto. Stop waiting and explore a wide range of timeless, classy, and bold collections of watches at Nepto and experience the top-notch quality of every product you receive from us.