Without question, we can say, our Numéro 1 watch is the first of its kind. No other oval timepiece existed before ours. So you can be sure to stand out from the rest with this unusual and rare watch.


But this is not only an oval shaped watch. This face comes with a 3D dimension. With its convex glass, its appearance is that of a glistening eye! But the Numéro 1’s distinctiveness doesn’t end at exterior form, each Numéro 1 watch comes with a unique artwork for a dial face. For example, the Pink Brush is also with a 3D printed design. When you look closely, you can see the bristle strokes of a paint brush.


Ultimately, each Numéro 1 design is unique in more ways than one. The Blue Smoke and Dark Side are also made up of a convex glass and 3d face artwork. Giving this collection a most individual and eye catching appearance. And as an added touch, the hands (unlike most) are delicately designed by us.


Another uniqueness to this watch.