NEPTO offers two choices of colours with its packaging made in France and 100% recyclable.
The first, Blue and orange... ...will be a perfect vibrant match for the White Reverso, Blue Smoke, Blue Ocean and Green Spectra models.
In addition, there is a discret certificate of authenticity and guarantee that fits snuggly under the watch. THE SECOND, BLACK AND GREY... more subtle and sophisticated for the Black Reverso, Dark Side, Black Flower, Pink Brush and Black Eleganza models.


Since the dawn of time, a gift, both offered or received, is a pleasure that we all have in common. This joy is often coupled with an important event in ones life, but can also happen spontaneously at any time of the year.

It is an exchange between friends, family, lovers and colleagues to affirm the bond that unites them. As such, NEPTO has taken care to present its watches in a beautiful way.

The packaging has been designed by the company with much care and attention, whilst being locally produced. We add quality and class to this special moment of presenting a NEPTO watch, with both care and delicacy. Visually and to the touch, the packaging charmingly preserves the NEPTO watch within.

The ideal gift for someone with fine taste.

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